Hi, I’m JC Ayala, the Artist behind Retroldtech
A design artist with a passion for reviving retro-games!  
My miniatures are an amazing source of nostalgia, for true fans of retro-games from around the world!  I started this trip a few years ago bringing my favorite consoles and videogames to life… but in miniature! 
I love creating miniatures of the consoles and games we spent so many hours playing with. 
Over the years I’ve specialized in creating miniatures of the best consoles and videogames ever made, with models from late in the 70s to the current gen ones. 
I enjoy the challenges of creating detailed replicas of these classic pieces of hardware and capturing all of their unique features on these small scale wonderful models. 
After spending many years learning and perfecting my techniques, each of my miniatures is unique and is made with care and the highest attention to the smallest detail so that they look like the real thing. 
If you’re a retro-games fan don’t miss out my collection of cool miniatures!  
I hope you have a good time! 

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