DIY 1/6 Scale Sony Playstation 5

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DIY Unfinished Miniature reproduction of a Sony Playstation 5 console, the latest Sony console launched in 2020.

Includes 1 console, 1 controller and 1 console stand and base all 4 parts unfinished for DIY. No painting or finishing materials such as paints, sand paper, etc… are included in this listing.

Decals required, if any, will be included with the product and will be of water-slide type so easy to apply.

Please choose between the standard PS5 and the Digital Edition (No disk drive).

This is a handmade item that has been 3D printed and printing supports removed. Will require finishing so sanding (as required) and painting by yourself.

Please note that this item does not have any hardware in it so does not play any games!

• Approx scale: 1/6
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 62x17x44 mm (2.4×0.7×1.7 inches).

I only use my own 3D designs, and these are produced from my own blueprints to get a result as close as possible to the real console with slight adjustments considering the miniaturised size.

Printed to order. This product is not suitable for children due to choking hazard.

Any real size Consoles or finished products are displayed for comparison purposes only, these are not included in this sale/listing.

4-5 days processing time.


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Standard, Digital Edition