Japanese SEGA Saturn Models 3D Frame Diorama


Japanese SEGA Saturn Models 3D Frame Diorama

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Japanese SEGA Saturn Models 3D Frame Diorama

This 3D Frame Diorama includes: 11x Japanese Sega Saturn console variations including the Victor and the Hitachi models.

Models included:

  1. Saturn Model 1 JAP (Gray)
  2. Saturn Model 2 JAP (White)
  3. Saturn Model 2 JAP (White, Hello Mac Variation (Hello Mac store logo on CD Lid))
  4. Saturn Model 2 JAP (White, Toys R Us Sonic Variation (Sonic logo on CD Lid))
  5. Saturn Model 2 Skeleton (Traslucent Gray with the “This Is Cool” logo on the CD Lid)
  6. Saturn Model 2 Derby Stallion Variation (Lighter Traslucent Gray)
  7. Hitachi Hi-Saturn Model 1 (Gray)
  8. Hitachi Hi-Saturn Model 2 (Black)
  9. Hitachi Hi-Navi without LCD Screen (Gray)
  10. Victor V-Saturn Model 1 (Gray)
  11. Victor V-Saturn Model 2 (Gray)

2x LED strips included on both sides of the frame (Uses 2x CR2032 coin cell batteries (not included)).


  • Overall dimensions (WxHxD) 245 x 245 x 45 mm (9.6 x 9.6 x 1.8in)
  • Handmade miniatures framed
  • Wood frame
  • Clear front
  • All miniatures are fixed in place and not meant/made to be taken away from the display

For adult collectors and not suitable for children.

Ready to ship

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LED Lighting System