**RESERVED** – Custom Sony PVM Case for 10″ LCD


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**RESERVED** – Custom Sony PVM Case for 10″ LCD

Custom Sony PVM Case for apple ipad 10″ LCD Screen

Included in this listing are the below parts & specs:

To design, print and finish a Sony PVM Case for an LCD 10″ screen andother agreed components.

Material: ABS-Like Resin 3D printed in high resolution.

Includes the front frame and the back case:

Front frame will feature all holes internal for the LCD screen bracket mounting and all front holes for the control board panel mounting plus a hole for a 3mm LED. All knobs and buttons included.

Back case will feature all necessary holes to fit all the components including speakers, Mister, Retrotink 5x, LCD driver board and power supply. There will be a cutout section for the rear panel (not included).

Pictures of a similar model for an 8″ LCD screen shown for reference.

Approx 8 weeks processing time. Shipped by DHL.

Thank you!