***RESERVED***Custom Order 1/12 Scale Nintendo Miniatures Set


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Custom Order 1/12 Scale Nintendo Miniatures (US versions)

This set includes the following miniatures in 1/12 Scale:

2x SNES Controllers (1 US, 1 EU/JP)
2x NES Controllers
2x NES Zappers (1 orange, 1 gray)
1x NES Power Glove
1x Gamecube Controller (Orange)
1x N64 Controller (original Gray)
1x Set of Joy-Con (Red/Blue)
1x NES Console
1x SNES Half-Cart for Mario All-Stars + World
1x SNES Cart for Chrono Trigger
1x SNES Cart for Megaman X
1x SNES Cart for Earthbound
1x NES Cart for Super Mario Bros 3

Made to order. Dispatch in 5-6 weeks. Shipped by Tracked post.

Many thanks!