Retroldtech 3.5” LCD Micro Sony PVM Monitor Replica

3.5” LCD working Micro PVM fully finished and assembled replica

  • Orders will be accepted until the 26th December 2023
  • Shipping on the 12th March 2024

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3D Printed, hand crafted and assembled working replica of a Sony PVM monitor with a 3.5" LCD Screen, Stereo sound, Dual speakers and HDMI Input.

  • Orders will be open up until the available slots last or the 26th December 2023, whichever happens earlier
  • Shipping on the 12th March 2024

Technical specs:


  • HDMI


  • LCD TFT IPS 3.5” 640x480 resolution.
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • 60Hz Frame Rate


  • Stereo sound with Dual Speakers.
  • Audio amplifier 2x3W with knob wheel for volume control (and ON/OFF switch).
  • Audio output through 3.5mm jack at the back (for self-powered speakers only, no volume control).

Power requirements:

  • USB-C 5v Power Supply with 2.5 Amps or more is required (not included).

Notes: front buttons do not work. Screen parameters are factory set and can't be changed. This is custom made-to-order product. This product is a prototype 3D printed, hand crafted and assembled by hand and as such expect some slight imperfections. The inside components are fixed in place and not meant to be removed unless you are wanting to mod it at your own risk. Expect all components to be glued in place. This prototype is sold working, however due to the prototype and handcrafted nature no warranty is provided. This has been build sturdy and with very resistant resin ABS-Like custom mix as base material, but please handle it with care. To clean it use a soft dry cloth, do not use any detergents or any other cleaning agent. This prototype is not meant for long playing sessions however it’s been tested for some 2-hour daily sessions with no issues detected at all. Consoles and other hardware shown in pictures are for reference only.

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