RetroLOLTech Collectible – The Legend of Zelda Rupees


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The Legend of Zelda Rupees

From the Nintendo 64 Classic game, Ocarina Of Time, 3x Rupees for you to finally own, all packed in this premium format.

If you’re a Zelda fan then grab these and proudly display them on the BEST location on your shelves, show these to your friends and on IG, but be careful! everybody would instantly turn very jealous!

Best currency ever imagined and it’ll be yours forever, ‘extracted’ straight from Ocarina Of Time, a timeless classic videogame everybody must play at least once in life.

CAUTION! if you played this game in the past then “Incredible memories” will come with these rupees, so much nostalgia!

This is an adult collectible – Not a toy.


Year: 1998

System: Nintendo 64

Specs: 256Mbit Cartridge

Type: Currency

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